2004 - Biotechnology



French-Irish Biotechnology Workshop
Nanobiotechnologies - Proteomics - Probiotics - Molecular Medicine

Date and location of event

15th (from 1pm) -16th April 2004
Dublin - Conway Institute of Biomolecular and Biomedical Research (UCD)


The French Embassy in Ireland organised a French-Irish workshop, whose aim was to explore the possibilities of cooperation between research teams in the four strategic sectors identified: nanobiotechnologies, proteomics, probiotics, molecular medicine.

Biotechnology has become a priority at European level and especially for countries, like Ireland and France, which have particular skills in this field of research.
Political support for biotechnology continues to grow in France , where, during the mid-nineties the government set up a programme to stimulate the creation of new biotech companies and accelerate technology transfer through publicly funded research bodies, by providing public funds and fiscal incentives.
The Irish Biotechnology Sector has made strong progress over the recent years. In particular, there is a strong increase in spending on basic research in biotechnology via HEA (PRTLI) and Science Foundation Ireland, an increased level of applied research funding via Enterprise Ireland, and the establishment of an increased number of spin-out companies through the help of BioResearch Ireland.

The French-Irish workshop allowed meetings between French and Irish researchers.
The workshop programme was mainly centred round talks by leading experts on the following topics: nanobiotechnology, probiotics, proteomics and molecular medicine. Specific workshops followed. One of the most important aims of the workshop was to explore new possibilities of bilateral and multilateral cooperation in these fields. Finally, discussions were held during the workshop concerning the new fields emerging from the convergence of nanoscience, biotechnology, information technology and cognitive science.

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Georges Crozat
Scientific Attaché
French Embassy in Ireland - Scientific and Cultural Service
1, Kildare Street - Dublin 2
Tel 01 708 8303

Published on 28/05/2010

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