2010 - Conference : « The fascinating world of ocean waves »

« The fascinating world of ocean waves »

Wednesday the 3rd November 2010
at the Alliance Française Dublin

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Water waves can have destructive power but they can also be a source of renewable energy, especially in Ireland, which is the country with the best wave climate in the world. In this talk we explain tsunamis as well as freak waves. How are they generated ? How violent can they be ? Then we review wave energy conversion. How does it work ? Is it simply a dream or can it become a reality ?
Expert on water waves for over 20 years, Prof. Frederic Dias from University College Dublin will present his work "The fascinating world of waves”, on Wednesday, November 3rd, from 6.30 pm at the Alliance Française Dublin, in partnership with the Embassy of France in Ireland.

The presentation will be in French with films and slides in English. It will be followed by a session of questions and answers in English and/or French.

« The fascinating world of ocean waves »
Wednesday, 3rd November at 6.30pm
Alliance Française de Dublin
Admission free

Limited number of seats available : RSVP info@alliance-francaise.ie - 01 676 17 32

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Prof. Frederic Dias

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