2010 - Servier Award for Medical Research Awarded to Dr Mahon

The Ireland Fund of France in conjunction with French pharmaceutical group Servier and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), has awarded the fifth annual Servier award to Dr Bernard Mahon, cellular Immunologist and Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering at NUI Maynooth.

Named after Dr Jacques Servier, the founding President of the Servier Group, this scholarship aims to promote and encourage scientific exchange between the medical community, health care industry, universities and research organisations particularly in the field of therapeutic research. It also represents another initiative in furtherance of the Ireland Fund of France’s mission to enhance Franco-Irish relations.

Dr Mahon received the award in recognition for his work with Professor Camille Locht from the Institut Pasteur de Lille, France, on whooping cough vaccines for infants. Dr Mahon’s vaccine study on pathogen-host interactions during B. pertussis infection, the causative agent of whooping cough, has led to patents with new ways to make safer vaccines. Dr Mahon’s and Prof Locht’s collaboration has advanced the understanding of B. pertussis, and has determined for the first time the role of the bacterial toxin DNT. Additionally their collaborative research has developed a novel attenuated vaccine which will enter clinical trials later this year. Dr Mahon and Prof. Locht are currently collaborating in an EU Framework 7 project ‘Child Innovac’.

Dr Mahon was presented with his award on 9st April 2010 at a special ceremony held in the French Embassy in Dublin which was presided over by His Excellency Mr. Yvon Roe d’Albert, French Ambassador to Ireland and attended by Mr. Pierre Joannon, President d’honneur Ireland Fund of France, Christian Bazantay, Secretary General of Servier Group, Prof. Frank Keane, president RCSI and Prof. Brian Harvey, Director of Research RCSI.

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Pictured from left to right are Mr. Christian Bazantay, Secretary General of the Servier Group, Yvon Roe d’Albert, French Ambassador to Ireland, Dr Bernard Mahon, Cellular Immunologist and Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, NUI Maynooth, Mr. Pierre Joannon, President d’Honneur of the Ireland Fund of France and Professor Brian Harvey, Director of Research, RCSI

Published on 07/09/2010

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