2012 Fringe Festival: Mag’s Tail by Kidding Ensemble

JPEGMag is lost between her precious objects that comfort and paralyze her. An obsessive collector of all kinds of things — everything must be saved — loved or hated. It’s not like her, but Mag invites you to her kingdom of ghostly possessions. Let her lead you through the maze of her mind and heart, through yearning and letting go as she attempts to share her moth-like existence. Immerse yourself between beauty and ickiness, throw social conventions out the window and forget what you know about clowns!

With the support of the Cultural Service of the French Embassy

● Mag’s Tail by Kidding Ensemble
Absolut Fringe Festival 2012
10-15 September, 6.30pm
@ Smock Alley Theatre - Boys’ School, Dublin
Book tickets at http://www.fringefest.com/programme/mags-tail

Published on 07/09/2012

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