[24 may] Conference: "Negotiating in Europe" [fr]

"Negotiating in Europe: celebrating François de Callières (1717-2017)", a conference by Alain Lempereur, the international expert on negotiation, in Trinity College Dublin.

Negotiating in Europe: Celebrating François de Callières (1717-2017)

On Wednesday 24th May 2017, Alain Lempereur, world expert in negotiation and conflict management, will be in Dublin to talk about François de Callières, a French diplomat and literary man of the 17th century, whose pioneering work on the subject is still a reference today.

François de Callières, the negotiation pioneer

François de Callières (1645-1717) was a French diplomat in Europe, an ambassador of King Louis XIV, and a member of the French Academy. But we may as much pay tribute to the negotiation pioneer, and celebrate his Manner of Negotiating with Princes (1716). Callières captures astute recommendations for negotiation preparation, conduct and communication. He underlines the importance for negotiators to leverage relationships and empathy, to adjust to the interlocutors’ interests and passions, to adapt behaviours to the cultural and political contexts, but also to protect one’s reputation. John Kenneth Galbraith, the Canadian-American economist, praised the modernity of his negotiation concepts and precepts: "One wonders why anything more needed to be said on the subject." Callières lived through decades of recurring European wars and experienced the many diplomatic attempts to end them. He developed a philosophy where the “honnête homme” and the ruler must strive to preserve peace through reason and persuasion, as well as a foundation of politics as the “art of handling hearts”, where negotiation is central. Thus Callières proposes a set of skills, but also a way of life in society, within each nation and on the European scene. In a very pragmatic and contemporary fashion, Callières calls for national authorities to build a network of skilful and legitimate negotiators, whose ends are to secure peace and prosper together in Europe.


Alain Lempereur

Alain Lempereur, (Professor of Conflict Resolution and Coexistence, Brandeis University, USA), is a French expert in negotiation and conflict resolution and member of the executive committee of the Programme on Negotiation (PON) at Harvard Law Schol. His recent research and expertise address responsible negotiation and leadership, as well as humanitarian negotiation and mediation. In the past 25 years, in over 60 countries, he has conducted consulting missions and executive training for international organizations (EU, OECD, WWF and UNEP among others), national governments, global consulting firms and corporations. He established Essec Irene, a European negotiation institute that he led during fifteen years. He was a visiting professor at Harvard University and lectured in many institutions, including the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, the Afghan Institute of Diplomacy, the Algerian Institute of Diplomacy, ParisTech, the UN University for Peace, the Universities of Brussels, Corsica, Mannheim, Mons, Paris II and V.

Practical information

Date : Wednesday 24th May, 5 pm
Venue : Galbraith Seminar Room, Trinity Long Room Hub
For further information, please contact Dr. Paule Salerno-O’Shea (psalerno@tcd.ie)
Event organised by the French Department of Trinity College Dublin, with the support of TCMRS and the Embassy of France in Ireland.

Published on 15/05/2017

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