[28 Sept.] The first Native Scientist workshop in French in Cork [fr]

IoT, DNA, blood, digestion, condensation… A variety of topics covered for this very first Native Scientist workshop in French, where researchers will show participants what they are working on and what science is all about! (Workshop sold out)

Native Scientist workshop in University College Cork – Friday 28th September 2018 (sold out)

A night of research & science en français!

Participants to this first Native Scientist workshop in French will have the opportunity to learn and understand some scientific phenomena thanks to a group of French scientists based in Ireland, organised as part of the European Researchers Night and the Cork Discovers festival.

The programme

  • What is the Internet of Things? Pierre Lovera (Tyndall National Institute)
    What are sensors? What do they measure? How do wireless sensors work?
    Pierre will answer these questions with a demonstration of the internet of things in action. The audience will build their own sensor system, using a variety of dedicated building blocks.
    -* From Bacteria to DNA (Céline Ribière, University College Cork)
    What are the necessary steps to extract DNA from a bacterial culture? What are the potential applications with the extracted DNA? Céline’s research looks at the bacteria which inhabit animal guts, including the human gut: the participants will learn everything about bacteria and DNA extraction.
    -* What can blood teach us? (Aude-Claire Morillon, University College Cork)
    Aude-Claire’s research focusses on blood samples. She will explain the young audience how she works on blood. The participants will also have the opportunity to learn a little bit about chromatography and capillarity, by using ink and paper.
    -* How does the digestion process work? (Sophia Elisseeva, UCC’s Microbiome Institute)
    A workshop to discover everything about the digestion process! Sophia will explain to the audience the digestion tract works in a fun and kid-friendly way.
    -* How does condensation work? (Elena Gomez Alvarez, University College Cork)
    Make your own cloud! Using a very simple experiment, Elena will explain to the participants how the condensation process works.

Practical information

Date: Friday 28th September 2018
Venue: The Western Gate Building, University College Cork
How to attend: SOLD OUT
This workshop is part of the Cork Discovers programme
It is organised by Florence Hérisson, member of the network of theFrench Researchers in Ireland NeST, within the frame of the partnership betweenNative Scientist and the Embassy of France in Ireland.


Published on 03/01/2020

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