29 March / Native Scientist in Cork [fr]

2nd Native Scientist workshop in Cork - a perfect opportunity for young children to practice French while learning more about science!

We are delighted to announce a second Native Scientist workshop is going to take place in Cork as part of the Francophonie Festival!

Native Scientist is an international network aiming at celebrating multilingualism while developing science skills.

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Native Scientist at Francophonie Festival 2019
Native Scientist

What is a Native Scientist workshop?

French speaking-scientists in Cork will get together to talk and demonstrate their work to kids who speak French at home with their families. A great opportunity for kids to practice their language skills and develop their knowledge of science!
Workshop coordinated by Dr Florence Hérission, Native Scientist coordinator, in partnership with Alliance Française de Cork, APC Microbiome Ireland, Enfants Francophones de Cork and with the support of the Embassy of France in Ireland

Friday 29th March @ Alliance Française Cork

The children of the Enfants Francophones de Cork will take part in science workshops in French coordinated by Dr Florence Hérisson, researcher at the Biosciences Institute at University College Cork.
The programme is the following:
- Dr Pierre Lovera, Tyndall National Institute: what is the pH? Children will be measure the pH of some common solutions (lemon juice, vinegar, soapy water, milk and fizzy drinks).
- Dr Céline Ribière, University College Cork: a workshop to understand antibiotics and their usage.
- Aude-Claire Morillon, Infant Centre: how can urine inform you about your health?
- Dr Elena Gomez Alvarez, University College Cork: children will learn that nothing is lost but everything is transformed, thanks to the realisation of the Elephant’s toothpaste.

We would like to address a huge thanks to all researchers involved in the coordination and animation of these workshops.

Published on 03/01/2020

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