[Conference] A CNRS silver medal in University College Dublin

Isabelle Gallagher, French mathematician of Irish origin from University Paris-Diderot, who was awarded the 2016 CNRS silver medal, came to talk about her work in UCD.

Isabelle Gallagher, graduated from the l’École polytechnique and Dr in fluid dynamics (University Pierre et Marie Curie), worked at the French National Centre for Scientific Research and then became teacher at the University Paris Diderot.
She has Irish origins, as a part of her family comes from Donegal.

In 2008, the French Academy of Sciences gave her their biennial Paul Doistau–Émile Blutet Prize. She was an invited speaker at the International Congress of Mathematicians in 2014. She won the CNRS Silver Medal in 2016.

Her research concerns partial differential equations such as the Navier–Stokes equations. Navier was a French mathematician (1785-1836) and Stokes an Irish physician (Co.Sligo). These equations describe the motion of viscous fluid substances. The Clay Mathematics Institute has called this one of the seven most important open problems in mathematics and has offered a US$1,000,000 prize for a solution or a counter-example.

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Isabelle Gallagher (Université Paris Diderot) et Fréderic Dias (UCD)

Isabelle Gallagher’s conference, organised by the Embassy of France in Ireland in partnership with UCS’s School of Mathematics and Statistics, was called"On Hilbert’s 6th problem: From particle systems to Fluid Mechanics". Frédéric Dias, professor in UCD and more than 30 researchers attended the seminar.

Published on 20/10/2016

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