Admission to 2019 Executive Course in European Studies

The Executive Course in European Studies offers the tools for complete mastery of European procedures and major issues in the EU.

It fosters mobility, promoting career advancement and contributing to the Europeanisation of professional profiles. It will help you forge direct and valuable links with European decision-makers, gain insight into the workings of the European Union and join a powerful Europe-wide professional network, currently made up of more than 500 European decision-makers and high-level stakeholders.

The 2019 class has opened 40 seats to francophone auditors coming from a diversity of professional backgrounds. In previous years, prospective students were civil servants, corporate executives, elected officials, journalists, civil society executives and university personnel.

The deadline for application is October 15, 2018. A detailed notice in English for interested students is available below.

PDF - 459.6 kb
Executive Course in European Studies (French National School of Administration, PDF, 459,6 Ko)
(PDF - 459.6 kb)

Published on 14/09/2018

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