Advancity: a cluster in the Paris area

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A Competitiveness cluster: Advancity

ADVANCITYis a business and innovation world class cluster located in the area of Paris.
It is the meeting in between:
• opportunities for green growth, accentuated by the Grenelle de l’Environnement process, which naturally concern the 183 businesses in the cluster, including its 17 world-leading companies and some forty small and medium-sized enterprises and industries, producers and operators in the energy, transport, environment, civil engineering and construction fields, engineering companies, and companies providing services to local authorities and to industry;
• and a melting pot of skills: over 200 laboratories, the Environment Ministry major scientific establishments, the Ile-de-France’s top schools and universities, and private research facilities.
In six years, Advancity has examined over 450 projects of which more than 158 have receivec financing, representing a total investment of €460 million in reasearch and innovation.
It is involved in 4 major economic sectors: urban and spatial planning and development, housing and construction, mobility and transport and resources and environment.

Published on 16/03/2016

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