Become a Deep-Sea Spy ! [fr]

Take part in a participative science project in the deep seas & become a deep-sea spy !

IFREMER, the French institute for marine research, gives you the opportunity of becoming a deep-sea spy by helping them monitor images from footages of the subsea geysers located at 1 700m depth in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans ! The Deep-Sea Spy project , led by the Deep-sea Environment Lab at IFREMER Brest, invites you to discover hydrothermal fauna and participate to the Lab’s research.

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Crabe Segonzacia mesatlantica endémique aux sources hydrothermales de la dorsale médio-Atlantique

Since 2010, video cameras, deployed at the sea bottom, have been filming thousands of hours of footage, hence producing an enormous archive. Analysing it requires much more time than all the lab’s scientists together could possibly devote so they are asking for your help !
By participating, you will help increase the knowledge about how the ecosystem functions and how the species living in these areas behave !
More information on the IFREMER’s website.

Published on 11/04/2017

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