Become a Native Scientist Coordinator for French! [fr]

Are you a French researcher / scientist living in Ireland who loves sharing your research? We are looking for Native Scientist Coordinators for French in Ireland!

Calling all French researchers & scientists living in Ireland!

Within the frame of the Embassy of France in Ireland - Native Scientist network partnership, we are looking for volunteer researcher(s) to coordinate small scientific outreach workshops in French in Ireland!

What is the Native Scientist network & what is a Coordinator?

Native Scientist

is a network of international scientists that want to promote science and language literacy in children and teenagers. Have a look at their website: Native Scientist

Being a Coordinator implies a 5-10 hour yearly commitment:
- 3 hours for the training session (delivered by Native Scientist, training cost covered by the Embassy of France in Ireland)
- 3-5 hours for the coordination of the workshops. Each workshop brings together 4-5 scientists and 20-25 pupils to speak about science in French.
The aim for the 2019-2020 academic year is to organise between 1 and 3 scientific outreach workshops in French for the young children, in some of Ireland’s main cities.

How does it work ??

It’s very easy!

  • In Galway and Limerick, we are looking for new coordinators and volunteers
  • In Cork, we are looking for new volunteers. Contact Cork coordinator Florence Herisson if you are interested:
  • You will receive the Native Scientists training (between 2-3 hours, cost covered by the Embassy)
  • You will coordinate the organisation of the workshops for the 2018-2019 scholar year in your city & its surroundings – the Embassy will assist you with finding a venue


If you are interested in becoming a Native Scientist Project Manager or participate in our workshops, please email Joana at "project manager").

For more information on "Native Scientist", have a look at their flyer:

PDF - 102.2 kb
(PDF - 102.2 kb)

Published on 03/01/2020

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