Biography: James Moore [fr]

On 13 November, on the occasion of the inauguration of the France-Ireland Memorial, the French Secretay of State to Veterans and Collective Memory, Jean Marc Todeschini, will award the Légion d’Honneur to James Moore, veteran to the Second World War.


Born on 5 June 1924 in Borrioskane in county Tipperary, James worked as a tailor in his father’s store, Mr. Malachy Moore, before joining the Royal Air Force in January 1944 through the recruiting office in Belfast.

He was appointed to the second aerial tactic force of the Royal Air Force and became Leading Aircraft Man (with the 1903286 as his registration number). He was thus in charge of checking the equipment.

He arrived in France during the summer 1944 and landed from the vessel called “Duchess of Richmond” on Juno Beach. His unit was affected to the aerodrome of Carpiquet where he verified the mechanical devices in between two shifts. He ended the war in Brugges in Belgium.

After the war, he worked at British Rail before coming back to county Tipperary in 1958 where he opened a garden shop. He has two children and three grand-children. He still lives with his wife in county Tipperary and is now 92 years old.

Published on 07/11/2016

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