CNRS annual report is out

CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) is the main public research institution in France.

According to the annual activity report published this week, 2014 has been a fruitful year: with a budget of 3290 M€, mainly coming from public subsidies, it sustains 1025 research units and employs more than 11 100 researchers.

CNRS tops both the Nature Index (which tracks the affiliations of high-quality scientific articles), and Scimago Institutions Rankings (which ranks universities and research institutions). It is also part of the Top 100 Global Innovators (Thomson Reuters indicator).


35 500 publications are being produced on average each year; more than 55% are cosigned with at least one foreign laboratory.

To discover more about CNRS, please click here to download its annual report (in French).

Published on 17/05/2017

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