Call for proposals - The Peace Gardens Project

The Peace Gardens project consists in creating around fifteen perennial gardens in 2018 on the theme of peace in the Hauts-de-France region. This new memorial trail will pay tribute to the countless deaths on French soil between 1914 and 1918, and bear witness to the number and diversity of the countries involved in this conflict.

The project is initiated by the Association Art & gardens – Hauts-de-France and by the First World War Centenary Partnership Program. Association Art & gardens – Hauts-de-France produces, on the initiative of the Hauts-de-France region, a festival of contemporary gardens in public spaces, in agreement with the French Ministry of Culture. First World War Centenary Partnership Program is a public interest group established in 2012 by the Government for the preparation and implementation of the commemorative program for the First War centenary.

Created by landscapers from countries which fought in the region, these artistic gardens will be grouped in clusters of three to four gardens, each located near Great War memorial sites and memorial tourism routes. These gardens will be created in the spring of 2018 to be presented to the public in summer and inaugurated in autumn 2018, one century after the fighting of the Great War.

One of these clusters is to be located in Péronne, in Somme Department (France).

The Battle of the Somme

The battle of the Somme was fought by the British and French against the Germans, from 1st July to 18th November 1916. The objective for the allies was to relieve the pressure on the French defenders at Verdun by diverting German reserves to the battle of the Somme.
It was one of the deadliest battles in history, with about 1,060,000 casualties, including about 442,000 dead or missing (420,000 of them were British).
The first day of this battle, 1st July 1916, was catastrophic for the British army with 58 000 casualties including 19,240 dead. The British army will call 1st July 1916 the bloodiest day of its military history.

Suggested site : The moat of the museum of Péronne

The proposed site for the gardens is in the moat of the museum of Péronne. Two gardens will be created, one on either side of the bridge which leads to the castle entrance. One of the 2 adjoining gardens will be built by landscapers from Northern Ireland (with British nationality born or residents in Northern Ireland) and the other by landscapers from Ireland (Irish nationality).

These two spaces are not visible from the square in front of the museum, they are only visible from the bridge at the entrance.

The areas are flat and are mainly laid to grass. The soil is quite spongy in winter and the site does not get much sun because of its position in the old moat

Garden, from design to completion

With an eye on the future, this Garden of Peace will be testimony to the vitality of artistic creation in Ireland and to Franco-Irish friendship 100 years after the end of the First World War.
The proposed garden should take into account the specifics of the site and its technical limitations.
An on-site visit, paid for by the organiser, must be carried out before the final submission of the project.
The durability of the garden must be considered.
The design must take into account its evolution over time: the plantation plan must adapt to the seasons with preference given to plants requiring little maintenance (eg perennials).
Preference should be given to the use of natural materials.

The selected team will need to actively take part in the garden design; it will be essential for everyone to be present on site for at least 10 days. The team will be advised and accompanied during this design stage by the Technical Director of Art & jardins - Hauts-de-France.

In terms of procurement, if possible, priority should be given to regional and local companies.

The garden should include collaborative activities with Peronne residents (ex: project presentation, development with local stakeholders, etc.).

Upon completion, the artists will need to provide the organisers with complete maintenance guidelines for the garden.

Conditions and criteria

This call for proposals is directed at professional landscapers and architects of Irish nationality.
Applications can be individual or collective.
For collective applications, only the cost of travel and residence in France for two persons will be covered.

Selection procedure

Applications will be assessed and selected by an Artists Committee.

This panel will consist of qualified specialists: landscapers, representatives of the French World War One Centennial Mission and Art & gardens - Hauts-de-France, of the Department of the Somme, of the Historial Museum etc.
The Artists Committee will go through each application, rating each one according to the following criteria:

  • The artistic value of the itinerary / 60%
  • Whether or not the candidate took into account the theme of peace and made the best use of the natural and historical environment of Péronne site in their letter of intent / 20%
  • Technical and budgetary feasibility / 20%


Closing date for applications: 21 April 2018
Candidates agree to the following:

  • From the 30th April 2018: to visit the site with the team members of the organisation
  • By the 31st May 2018: to submit the final project for the garden
  • By the 15th June 2018: to define the requirements in terms of workforce and materials, to draw up a provisional budget and schedule
  • From the 15th June 2018: to take part in a creative residency program to develop the garden
  • By the 15th September 2018 : to finalize the garden
  • On October 2018 : to attend the official inauguration of the garden.

Financial terms

The production budget to create the garden is a maximum of 25,000 Euros excluding tax. This amount includes all expenses related to creating the garden: materials, plants, workforce, mealexpenses, etc… The artists’ travel expenses related for the garden development period are also included in this production budget Depending on the type of expenses and in order to make it easier to buy in France, part of this amount could be directly managed by the organisers.

In addition to the allocated amount, the organiser will bear the costs of three trips (travel/meals/ accommodation) :
for the preparatory visit / for one person maximum
for the project presentation / for one person maximum
for the launch / for two persons maximum

Accommodation costs for two persons throughout the garden development period will also be borne by the organiser.

The amount directly allocated to the landscapers is a fixed fee of 8,000 Euros excluding tax. This amount includes copyrights as well as design and development fees.

Applicant files

The files must submitted in French or English.

Applicant files comprise :

  • A cover letter of no longer than two pages
  • An up-to-date portfolio of no more than ten pages containing the applicant’s general approachand accompanied by legends for a selection of works
  • A curriculum vitae
  • A copy of the applicant’s national identification card or passport
  • The completed registration form

  • This file must be submitted in electronic form (PDF document) before the 21st of April 2018 (11:59pm) to the following address :

For your information, the results of the call for bids will be sent to the candidates no later than 3 May 2018.

Please download the file below :

PDF - 3.4 Mb
(PDF - 3.4 Mb)

Published on 17/04/2018

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