Cassandra: "I have developed a love for the language and culture" [fr]

As part of the 30th anniversary of Erasmus, Irish students share with us their French experience. In March, discover Cassandra’s story:

Irish students share their French experience with us.
For March 2017, follow Cassandra’s story!

Tell us a bit about yourself!
I’m from Valentia Island in Co.Kerry but I study at University of Limerick. I’m currently a 3rd year Joint Honours student studying Psychology and Criminal Justice but got to spend 6 months working in Paris and 5 months studying in Lyon to help me work on my French.

Why did you choose France?
Because I studied French for leaving certificate and I forgot it all.

What are the outcomes from your study programme in France and international experience?
I have developed a love for the language and culture and can see myself living there in years to come. I have been able to grow and learn a lot while I was away. Especially while living in Paris post attacks.

Your favorite word in French?

We hope you enjoyed your French culture shock! Any memorable cultural fact, experience?
Les Bouchons lyonnais. Especially a lyonnais salad! Need I say more?

The soundtrack of your stay in France?
La Belle et la Bête - C’est la fête (

Have you brought back a French souvenir with you?
A scarpbook of postcards, tickets and pictures from all my travels.

Any French habit you have kept?
Sighing really heavily, eating bread with everything and avoiding eye contact with people on public transport.

Where is your next destination?

Share with us your motto!
L’amour et l’amitié !

Published on 01/03/2017

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