2012 - Cédric Villani - Plenary lecture at University College Dublin

JPEG Plenary Lecture of Cédric Villani at IUTAM Symposium 2012
Wednesday 4th of July at 9am
University College Dublin

A graduate of the prestigious Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris, Cédric Villani obtained his doctorate under the supervision of Pierre-Louis Lions (Fields Medal in 1994) at Paris-Dauphine University. He was awarded the Fermat and Henri Poincaré prizes in 2009 followed by the Fields Medal in 2010. Besides, he is the director of the Institute Henri Poincaré, and is professor of Mathematics at University of Claude Bernard Lyon I.

For more information on the IUTAM Symposium 2012 "Understanding Common Aspects of Extreme Events in Fluids", click here.

For more information on the visit of Cédric Villani, in Dublin, click here.

Published on 18/01/2016

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