Cinema : the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival 2007

The 5th edition of the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival has been launched!
The festival will take place between the 16th and 25th February.
It will screen over 100 movies and will host many forums throughout the 10 days.
Many guests will attend this high profile event which provides an attractive selection of the best contemporary world cinema to the increasingly eager Dublin audience.

The Cultural Service of the French Embassy is delighted to give its support to this exceptional international event.

Here below you can find part of the programme: the French productions and co-productions and the films in French with English subtitles:

- "Fauteuils d’Orchestre" - "Orchestra Seats"
by Danièle Thompson (France 2006)
Saturday, 17th February at 2 pm
Screen Cinema 1

- "Indigènes" - "Days of Glory"
by Rachid Bouchareb (France 2006)
Saturday, 17th February at 6 pm
Cineworld Cinema 17

- "Ne le Dis à Personne" - "Tell No One"
by Guillaume Canet (France 2006)
Sunday, 18th February at 8.30 pm
winner of the "Jacques Deray 2007" award
(best French detective film of the year)

Screen Cinema 1

- "Innocents" - "The Dreamers"
by Bernardo Bertolucci (France/Italy, UK, 2003)
part of the tribute programme to producer Jeremy Thomas
Monday, 19th February at 2 pm
Screen Cinema 2

- "Frankie"
by Fabienne Berthaud (France 2006)
Monday, 19th February at 6.20 pm
Screen Cinema 2

- "Bon Cop, Bad Cop"
by Eric Canuel (Canada 2006)
Tuesday, 20th February at 8.10 pm
Screen Cinema 2

- "Mon Meilleur Ami" - "My Best Friend"
by Patrice Leconte (France 2006)
Friday, 23rd February at 6 pm
Cineworld Cinema 17

"French Cinema Gala"

- "Douches Froides"
by Antony Cordier (France 2005)
Saturday, 24th February at 1.20 pm
Cineworld Cinema 17

- "Neil Jordan, Portrait"
by Philippe Pilard (France 2006)
Saturday, 24th February at 6.20 pm
IFI Cinema 1

- "Un Nuage au Bord du Ciel" - "The Wayward Cloud"
by Tsai Ming-Liang (France/Taiwan 2005)
Sunday, 25th February at 1 pm
Cineworld Cinema 1

- "Appelez-moi Kubrick" - "Colour Me Kubrick"
by Brian Cook (France/UK 2006)
Sunday, 25th February at 1.10 pm
Cineworld Cinema 17

More details and full programme at the link below:

Published on 24/02/2015

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