Competitiveness Clusters

The competitiveness clusters were created in France in 2004 and are membership organisations, gathering SMEs, large companies, research and higher education institutions around a specific topic and within a specific French region.


The clusters were first selected by an inter-ministerial committee following a call for projects. In the first call, 67 projects were awarded the “competitiveness cluster” certification label.

The clusters are evaluated every three years through a performance review, when recommendations for improvement are made. In case poor performing clusters fail to address the issues raised in the two following years, their label may be revoked.

Having the main objective of growth and jobs creation, the clusters aim at boosting the competitiveness and the international attractiveness of the French economy through innovation, namely by:

• Partnerships between members;
• Collaborative R&D projects and innovation platforms;
• Knowledge exchange and support for members.

There are today 70 competitiveness clusters in France working on the following fields:

• Aerospace
• Agriculture/agri-tech
• Consumer goods
• Bio-resources
• Health and biotechnologies
• Chemistry
• Green technologies and environment
• Energy
• Engineering
• Materials
• Microtechnologies/mechanics
• Transportation

The whole list of clusters can be browsed hereby either the activity sector or region and a map of clusters can be viewed here.

Published on 03/09/2015

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