Conference: Eric Fottorino, Does the Franco-German Alliance Still Exist ?

Eric Fottorino, a distinguished French journalist and writer, will speak at the Institute of International and European Affairs in Dublin on the 8th of April at 11.30. Through the question Does the Franco-German Alliance Still Exist ?, M. Fottorino will discuss the evolving Franco-German relationship. He will explore the political, economic and foreign policy dimensions of this relationship, considering areas of convergence and divergence. He will address the question as to whether the traditional Franco-German alliance still exists as the motor of European integration.

He served as editor-in-chief of Le Monde newspaper from 1998-2003 and director from 2006-2010. Also renowned as a novelist and essayist, M. Fottorino has received numerous awards, including the Prix Europe, the Prix Francois Mauriac (the French Academy’s prize for literature) and the Prix Femina.

Please note that Mr Fottorino’s speech will be in French.


Published on 07/09/2012

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