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ConneXions is a two-day event which focusses on digital technology, culture and education in France and Ireland. It brings together French and Irish professionals, investors, students, accelerators and companies from these fields around the general topic of Digital & Creative City.
The forum is free.

What will the city of tomorrow be like? What type of interactions will occur between the sectors of digital technology, education and culture ?

ConneXions has been designed to answer those questions during a two-day forum with experts from the Digital Technology field along with Culture and Education professionals.


Five round-tables will discuss different aspects that the role digital technology can play in a city:

What does Big Data bring to urban services?
New technologies can shape a new city and a new way of living, but what tangible changes can they bring? In discussing the new tools available through digital technology, this talk aims at considering tomorrow’s city through connected services.

Smart cities – Smart citizens
Digital technology can change the way citizens interact with each other and with local authorities. How can digital technology shape new forms of citizenship? Can citizens be more involved in the decisionmaking process in a smart city?

Smart city: let’s get down to your business
Digital technology opens a wide range of opportunities for businesses and companies. Discover what the tools of a connected city can do for yours!

(sm)art cities! Culture in the digital era
Digital technology has already entered the field of art and culture: many artists tend to use it as a new form of art and create real digital artworks. But how does it change the way we consider culture in its multiple aspects?

e-education: Smart up!
There are many ways digital technology can meet education. Introducing it into the classrooms is only one of them. What improvements can be brought to education by digital technology? What new ways of teaching can develop?

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ConneXions is an event organised by the Embassy of France in Ireland in partnership with Business France and the French Tech Dublin Community. It takes place from Friday 29th September to Sunday 1st October 2017 at Richmond Barracks, Dublin 8.

Published on 12/07/2017

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