Crit’Air sticker for vehicles

Crit’Air sticker compulsory to drive in Paris, Lyon and Grenoble

What are Crit’Air stickers ?

The Crit’Air sticker (or certificate of air quality) and the corresponding restricted traffic zones were first implemented on 1st July 2016.

The Crit’Air sticker is classified into 6 categories – old vehicles, the most pollutant, the most recent and the most environmentally friendly. The aim of this measure is to ban in the future, bit by bit, access to vehicles who display the lowest grade of Crit’Air stickers in the restrictive traffic zones. Crit’Air stickers reflect « Restrictive Traffic Circulation zones (ZCR) » as well as « Air protected zones » (in Grenoble for example). Only vehicles in possession of a Crit’Air sticker will be able to drive in these zones.

You will find here the latest updates concerning Crit Air stickers, authorised to drive in ZCR zonesParis, Lyon, Grenoble.

Crit’Air stickers in France
Crit’Air stickers are divided into 6 categories of colour. The Crit’Air stickers are valid for all the types of vehicles in all the restricted zones in France. OLDER VEHICLES DO NOT HAVE ANY STICKERS AND THEREFORE CANNOT DRIVE DURING DAYTIME


How to apply ?

Irish vehicles are not exempted

Crit’Air stickers and sign boards signaling the corresponding Restricted Zone are downloadable herein their different formats and different forms.

To download your proper certificate on Crit’Air website you’ll have to go on the “Vehicles Registered Abroad” section in “Applying for your certificate” tab.

What is a restricted driving zone ?

Restricted driving zones
Restricted driving zones (ZCR) can be created by French communes since 1st July 2016 on the basis of a relative decree of certificate of air quality from 29th June 2016 and from decree n°2016-847 applied to restricted driving zones. In addition to Paris, two other cities have elected to create ZCRs.

Restricted zone in Paris
Since 1st July 2016, Paris has put in place a restricted circulation zone (ZCR), that forbids not only entry into the Capital of old vehicles between 8 a.m and 8 p.m, but that requires also that all other vehicles display a Crit’Air stickers.

The restrictive driving zone extends throughout the whole of Paris intramuros within the Péripherique. The cut-off point is from the outer Périphérique. The Bois de Boulogne and the Bois de Vincennes are not within this zone, even though they are part of the Capital’s territory. From July 2015, heavy duty vehicles and older bus coaches were already forbidden to enter into restricted zones. That will also apply to older cars from 1st July 2016.
For the Grenoble and Lyon metropolitan areas, the situation is different, according to “protective air zone” rules established on 01.11.2016 / 12.12.2016.


17.01.2017: Following a recent announcement by the French Governement, Crit’Air stickers can be ordered for vehicles not registered in France from 01.02.2017.
This means that Crit’Air stickers are available for all vehicles, no matter where they originate from.

From 24.01.2017, you can pre-order your stickers with us !
For vehicles that are not registered in France, the cut-off date for non-display of a sticker is March 2017 and after this date a Crit’Air sticker must be displayed.

Published on 03/01/2020

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