Cultural and Scientific Service [fr]

The Cultural Service (SCAC)


The mission of the Cultural Service of the Embassy of France in Ireland revolves around the four following axis:

  • education and linguistic cooperation, especially the promotion of French language (more information here);
  • the development of university exchanges between France and Ireland, especially through the Campus France Branch;
  • the reinforcement of research and innovation partnerships between France and Ireland (more information here) ;
  • the promotion of French cultural and creative industries and cultural debates (more information here) - register to the newsletter here

With strong expertise and organisational skills, the service has a team of seven people:

Organisation Chart

  • Ms Frédérique TARRIDE
    Cultural and Scientific Counsellor
  • M. Marc DAUMAS
    Attaché for Scientific and Academic Cooperation
  • MsNathalie-Zoé FABERT
    Attaché for French Language
  • Ms Stéphanie MUCHINT
    Financial Budget & Cultural Debates Project Manager
  • Ms Elisabetta SABBATINI
    Cultural & Communications Project Manager
  • Ms Louise AUPETIT
    Scientific Project Manager
  • Ms Philippine HENRY
    University Project Manager in charge of Campus France Ireland

Contact us

The Cultural Service is located in the Embassy of France in Ireland: 66 Fitzwilliam Lane, Dublin 2 (Ireland)
Ph. +353 (0)1 - 277 5000
Contact us

Published on 21/09/2018

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