DELF examiner official training - April 2019 [fr]

Next accreditation training for teachers will be offered April 15th-18th 2019 in Waterford for levels A1/A2 and B1/B2

This training are free of charge and offered by the French Embassy in partnership with the Alliance Française de Waterford/Wexford,

Training in spread on 4 days, from 9am until 6pm and takes place in Farronshoneen Youth & Community Centre, Waterford.

Monday April 15th and Tuesday April 16th : Levels A1 / A2
Wednesday April 17th and Thursday April 18th : Levels B1 / B2

You can register for:
- levels A1/A2 only (Monday and Tuesday)
- levels B1/B2 only (if you are already accredited for A1/A2) (Wednesday and Thursday)
- levels A1/A2/B1/B2 (All 4 days)
Please specify your choice in the registration form

Teachers following the entire course and succeeding the tests will become official accreditated examinors for the DELF exams (level A1/A2 and/or B1/B2).

Further trainings will be planned for June, and other dates if needed. Let us know where!

Contact: Elise Busson - 01 638 1449

More about the DELF-DALF language tests :


Published on 04/03/2019

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