DELF examiner official training - Nov/Dec 2016 - Dublin

Next official DELF examiner training for French teachers to take place in Alliance Française de Dublin, during 3 Saturday mornings ( 8:30 am - 2pm on 26/11, 3/12, 10/12).

This 16 hours long session will provide teachers of French with a training on the DELF language exams (level A1 and A2). (see program below )
Teachers following the entire course and succeeding the tests will become official accreditated examinors for the DELF exams.

Teachers who are not available for the entire duration of the training are also welcome attend this session to discover the DELF exams.

This training is free for teachers of French and is offered in partnership with the Alliance Française de Dublin

It will be followed by a training session for the B1 and B2 levels in January 2017.

Registration by Novembre 18th 2016 .
Contact: Lisa Chuet - 01 638 1449

Registration form :

PDF - 614.8 kb
(PDF - 614.8 kb)

More about the DELF-DALF language tests :

Program of the training :

PDF - 282.2 kb
(PDF - 282.2 kb)


Published on 10/01/2017

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