DELF examiner official training - November 2017 - Waterford [fr]

Next official DELF examiner training for French teachers to take place in Waterford, on November 11th and 18th 2017 (levels A1/A2).

The next training for French teachers to become an official DELF examiner will take place in Farronshoneen Youth & Community Centre, Waterford, on Saturday November 11th and 18th 2017 9:00am until 5:30pm for A1/A2 levels.

Teachers following the entire course (2 days) and succeeding the tests will become official accreditated examinors for the DELF exams (level A1/A2).

This training is free for teachers of French and is offered by the French Embassy in partnership with the Alliance Française de Waterford

Registration by October 30th, 2017 - see online form here under.

Registration form :

Detailled program of the training :

PDF - 240.4 kb
(PDF - 240.4 kb)

Contact: Lisa Chuet - 01 638 1449

More about the DELF-DALF language tests :


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