DEPEND, E+ project connecting Ireland and France [fr]

The Erasmus+ Joint Master Programme DEPEND (Advanced Systems Dependability) is an EU partnership and will welcome its first students from September 2018 onwards. The project brings together Ireland (Maynooth University), Scotland (University St. Andrews) and France (Université de Lorraine).

Even though this project is brand new, it stems from a previous collaboration! As a matter of fact, the European consortium already led another Erasmus Mundus project called DESEM for a period of five years (2013-2017).

The DEPEND programme, coordinated by Maynooth University, is a two-year Master programme. If successful, the student will obtain a degree. The courses give at the same time theoretical knowledge and the practical skills required in the field of safety, reliability, availability, and security of software-based systems. Thanks to this programme, the students will then be able to either do research or enter goin to the corporate world.

The students will follow this programme within two of the three universities of the consortium, spending one year in one higher education institution and the second year in the other one.

Summer Schools will be included in the programme as well. In order to ensure the quality of the courses, places will be limited to about thirty students. Scholarships from the EU will be available for 14 students every year. 39,000€ will be given per student for the 2-year programme.

Call for applications will be open soon! The deadline is set for January 2018.
More information coming soon and available on the website:

Published on 20/09/2017

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