Dairy Chef 2019 - Time to cook [fr]

We are glad to announce the second scholastic competition of France-Irish culinary chef, Dairy Chef !

Organised by the French Embassy in Ireland, in partnership with the CFA Médéric in Paris, the National Dairy Council and the Centre national interprofessionnel de l’économie laitière, the purpose of this competition is to give students the opportunity to showcase all skills and knowledge learnt within their institution.

(Winners of the 2018 final Derek Mc Clelland, Waterford Institute of Technology, and Pierre-Louis Delacroix, Université de Cergy-Pontoise)


Have a look at last year’s Dairy Chef contest
Between 3 and 5 teams, with one Irish student and one French student in each pairing, will participate in a cook off in CFA Médéric in Paris on the 3rd of April 2019. They will be given a mystery basket of ingredients to cook from. All the teams will have to create a menu (three-course menu) and present it to the jury. The participation to the contest is free.

There are many prizes for the winners, including to a weekend trip to experience Ireland’s gastronomic culture whilst the Irish finalists will have the chance to visit one of France’s top gastronomic regions.



Two juries will have the great responsibility to select which students will go to the final in Paris : one jury in France and one in Ireland. They will meet on the 13th of February 2019.

Interested in presenting your local champion? The selection of finalists will be based on a three-course menu (starter, main course, dessert).

Do you want to submit an application? It’s easy!
This year, the application will follow two steps:
1. Registration of the institutions by 30 November 2018
Institutions need to fill in the Form hereunder in order to allow their students to apply in second step :
Institution registration

2. Application of the candidates by 13 January 2019
The application will open on the 1st December and only 1 champion per institution can apply (2 per IoTs). The selection of the candidate is up to the institution.

The champions will need to provide a photo of the dishes (possibly with names of the recipes) and a brief explanation of:

PDF - 352 kb
Terms & Conditions - Dairy Chef 2019
(PDF - 352 kb)

● the choice of dairy product and its pairing with other ingredients;
● its preparation;
● a description of why the recipe wouldn’t work without dairy;
● how to sell the dish in a restaurant;
● for French participants: recommendation will be made that a certain level of proficiency in English is needed;
● the Terms & Conditions signed by the institution and the student (PDF of the T&Cs on the left).

The deadline for applications is set on the 13 January 2019.
The selection will be based on excellence but also availability of the candidate to come in Paris for the final.

Ready? Steady? COOK!

Published on 31/05/2019

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