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Deauville Green Awards celebrates its fifth year of promoting films on sustainable development, the environment and innovations in ecology. We are a Festival who tries to go beyond these words;, their abstraction, treir trivialization in the medias, words who change so little in our daily behaviour.

Let us speak of the range, the impact that images can have on us. Here, we deal with a delicate subject that should influence our our behaviour; and all the means of cinematography are at our service: suspense and humour, adventure and drame, animation or pure graphism .. They are here to help us tell a story!

Documentary programs, audiovisual communication, advertising messages are three aspects of film-making: not words illustrated by images, but images and sounds that make up a coherent and pertinent message.

This is the goal the Festival strives to reach: to offer an opportunity to meet works and talents in our crafts, to convey the diversity of the issues, the projects, the accomplishments in a field that concers us all so closely: our environment, its sustainable development, in short the well-being of our planet. And, in parallel, our Festival offers themes of reflection through round-tables and debates with communication experts and environmentalists, in order to be a meeting place for all.

Our international jury, of various sensitivities, coming from communication, ecology or administrations, from France and abroad, judges all the entries to Deauville Green Awards. Nevertheless, this is a competition and all the entrants cannot receive awards. This year, the entries are first screened and judged by three ad-hoc committees for documentaries, corporate films and advertising messages. Only then are the pre-selected nominees seen by the jury and screened in Deauville in order to reward the winners.

Here, a five-year marriage is called a wood wedding; that’s lucky as our Trophies are made of recycled wood!

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Last modification: 16/10/2021

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