Diploma in French: DELF Junior/Scolaire

-* What is the DELF?

“Based on the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, the Diplômes d’Études en Langue Française (DELF) are awarded by the French Ministry of Education. They are official French language proficiency qualifications and they are valid for life. The DELF Junior/Scolaire is aimed at candidates aged from 11 to 18. These diplomas are internationally recognized.”

-* What does the DELF exam offer to the students?

“• The exams are ideal for students in their Transition Year and give them a goal for the year.
• With the DELF Junior/Scolaire, you also have the possibility to measure your third year students’ global level.
• The students can take for the first time an oral exam in French and feel more confident for the Leaving Certificate.
• Many students are extremely motivated to keep on learning French after the exam.
• The DELF examinations are recognized around the world, and the student will receive a diploma valid for the rest of their life!
• Beyond just personal satisfaction, the DELF represents official proof of students’ French-language skills in a way that Francophone universities, French grandes écoles, and future employers can appreciate.
• DELF examinations are proof of excellence.”


-* Where and when can you sit a DELF exam?

In one of the Alliance Française (Cork, Dublin, Kilkenny, Limerick, Waterford/Wexford) for the DELF Junior, or in your school if you choose to organize the DELF Scolaire.
There are 2 sessions per year: January and April/May.

-* How does it work?

The exam comprises a choice of four independent units corresponding to four levels of proficiency for teenagers of secondary school age.
Each examination evaluates the following four skills:
• Listening • Reading • Writing • Speaking - See sample papers here
The exam generally takes place on one day, with the oral taking place before or after the written exam, which is held in the afternoon.
You can choose the exam that is most suited to your level – no need to sit all the levels one by one.
As the new Junior Cycle is aligned to the CEFR, schools usualy choose to set the DELF level A2 with their TYs.

Throughout the different parts of the exam, the focus is put on the communication skills. The content of the test revolves essentially around topics that interest teenagers, e.g. school, sports, friends, etc. The DELF is not only about what students know but also about motivating them to keep on learning.


Trainings for teachers:

You don’t need any training to prepare your students for the DELF, do mock exams with them or use the preparation books.
However we do offer workshops that might help:
2 hours workshops to discover the DELF are regularly organized, as well as official training sessions to become an accredited DELF examiner. Check on : https://ie.ambafrance.org/-Teachers-training-and-CPD-

For more information & contact:

Mrs Elise Busson, exam officer at the Alliance Française Dublin :
elisebusson@alliance-francaise.ie / (01) 638 1449

Download the brochure:

PDF - 2.3 Mb
Brochure DELF Junior
(PDF - 2.3 Mb)


Published on 30/01/2019

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