Discovering gardens

Monique Mosser, a French art historian specialising in architecture and in particular landscape architecture, came to the Lycée Français in Dublin to give a paper on the topic « Rediscovering Gardens: An exploration”.

To the first years students at the Lycee, Monique has brought to light the living character to be found in gardens. Gardens are a place where the concepts of history, botanics, landscape and the environment meet.
Students have been inspired to learn about what is involved in the process of classifying a garden as a heritage site.

This specialist landscape architectural historian is now retired from the CNRS. During her career she was attached to the Andre Chastel centre, a history of art research foundation. She taught for over 10 years at the Landscape Architecture school at Versailles. She is passionately involved in the protection of heritage. Apart from her illustrious career she has also held several positions of responsibility at a national level.

TCD has therefore invited MM to take part in the jury for the awarding of theses on 26th March.

Published on 26/10/2016

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