Driving in France

What should I bring?

In case of breakdown or accident the French road safety authority requires that all drivers of motorized vehicles have in their vehicles:
- A high visibility jacket
- A warning triangle


A Breathalyser is NOT compulsory

French law currently states that a driver should have a Breathalyzer in his/her car. However, no fine will be incurred if the driver is stopped by the police. For peace of mind – a Breathalyzer (alcootest) can be bought in any pharmacy or supermarket for less than €5.

Global Positioning System

GPS devices may be used but take note the use of all electronic devices: GPS, mobile phones, laptops, tablets etc. that enable the driver to access radar detection in the locality is strictly prohibited and failure to abide by this law will result in a heavy fine, a court appearance and possible confiscation of the device and the vehicle.


- Must wear a full face crash helmet at all times, which complies with CE/NF standards


- Cyclists must always wear a helmet, which complies with CE/NF standards.
- Take note High visibility jackets must be worn at night.


In 2015, more that 9 000 Irish citizens got fined for road traffic offence in France.

For your own safety, please drive carefully!

For more information about driving in France you can download the following document (PDF, 2,8 Mo):

PDF - 2.8 Mb
Driving in France (PDF, 2,8 Mo)
(PDF - 2.8 Mb)

- Take note It is not within the remit of the Embassy of France to intervene in the process if fines (either parking or speeding) that are issued to a driver.
To contact the Fines authority in France, please check this website:

For further information you can consult the following websites:



Published on 07/07/2016

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