Dual degrees

French-Irish dual degrees
A dual degree is a training taught in France and in Ireland. An agreement is signed between an Irish higher education institution (university, institute of technology or a private school) and a French higher education institution (university, business school, engineering school or institute of politics) and give two diplomas (1 Irish diploma + 1 French diploma).

French-Irish dual degrees database
This database lists all dual degrees and Erasmus Mundus degrees between France and Ireland.
This state-of-the-art of agreements providing two degrees can interest students looking for a European career.
These dual degrees extend collaboration and student mobility between Irish and French institutions.

Engineering Schools
- INSA Lyon – Trinity College Dublin
- EFREI Paris Sud – University of Limerick
- EPITA – Griffith College Dublin
- ESILV – Griffith College Dublin
- ESIGELEC – Dublin City University
- EIGSI – University of Limerick
- ENSEA/EFREI – University College Cork
- ENIM – University of Limerick
- ECAM Lyon – University of Limerick

Business Schools
- TBS - University College Dublin
- TBS – University of Limerick
- ISC Paris – Griffith College Dublin
- EDC Paris – Dublin Business School
- ESCE – Dublin Business School
- ESCE – Griffith College Dublin
- ESC Clermont – Dublin Business School
- ESC Rennes – University College Dublin
- Brest Business School – Institute of Technology Tallaght
- Brest Business School – Waterford Institute of Technology
- ISG – Griffith College
- ISG – Dublin Business School

- Lille III – University College Cork
- Lyon II – University of Maynooth
- Paris II/ Toulouse I – University College Dublin
- Paris VII – University College Dublin

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Published on 09/02/2016

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