Dublin, European City of Science 2012

Strong involvement of the Embassy of France in Ireland in "Dublin, City of Science 2012 festival" and "EuroScience Open Forum 2012"

- July 3rd
The Chemistry Nobel Price Jean-Marie Lehn will give a lecture to the general public in Trinity College, after holding a scientific meeting with young chemistry researchers on the same day.

- July 3rd - August 11th
Exhibition: "Conjuring for Beginners" 
@ Project Arts Centre

-  July 4th and 5th
The Fields Medal awarded mathematician Cédric Villani will give a scientific lecture on the 4th of July, before the official launch of the "UCD Imagine Science Film Festival" on Thursday the 5th of July, in the evening, at the Lighthouse Cinema.

- July 6th
Lecture "La meilleure et la pire des erreurs de Poincaré" by Cédric Villani at the Alliance Française of Dublin at 7pm

- July and August in Dun Laoghaire
photographic exhibition on the piers of the port from scientific expeditions ("Tara Océans"); welcoming of the scientific ship from the 10th to the 13th of July with visits on board, lectures, and scientific films for the general public both in the city and the port of Dun Laoghaire

Take a look to the CURIOUS? images on Pearse Street, Dublin, you might find the one related to Tara Ocean expedition and the exhibition in Dun Laoghaire

- July 9th to 19th
photographic exhibition "From Pole to Pole" by Vincent Hilaire to the rear of the Convention Centre, Dublin, about his journey on the yacht Tara.

- July 11th
Keynote Address of Jules A. Hoffmann, Nobel Price of Medicine at ESOF 2012, "From insects to mammals: reflections on a European Journey through basic research on immune defences"

- From July 11th
At sundown, exterior projection of selected images at the "Art Park" of Tara expédition selected by Emmanuel Reynaud whose stunning range of images incorporates optical methods ranging from cell “morphing” to Light Sheet Microscopy for 3D imaging

- July 12th
Keynote Address at 9.30 am of Eric Karsenti, Scientific Project Director of the Tara Oceans Expedition at ESOF 2012, "TARA-OCEANS: A world-wide study of oceanic plankton ecosystems"

Hervé This, scientist in food sciences, inventor of molecular gastronomy will give a lecture to the general public for an ESOF 2012 session at 12.15 pm on the "Future of cuisine" with French Chef David Desplanques from the Crowne Plazza Hotel in Paris, illustrating the note-by-note cuisine he created.

Anne Pépin will present her work on the project INTEGER along with her collaborators at ESOF 2012, “Creating the ideal workplace for women researchers in STEM“ (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)

- July 14th
There will be a half-day of Franco-Irish meetings between scientists and poets around Imperial College of London Professor of physics Jean-Patrick Connerade who will coordinate an ESOF 2012 session entitled "Science meets Poetry" in the morning of the 14th of July. Click here for the complete programme. "SCIENCE MEETS POETRY 3", Proceedings of the session at ESOF2012 were edited by Jean-Patrick Connerade and Iggy McGovern and published by EUROSCIENCE.

Closing Film of the "UCD Imagine Science Film Festival" in the evening, at the Lighthouse Cinema.

- October 16th and 17th
Franco-Irish Day of the sea renewable energies organised by UBIFRANCE on the occasion of the ICOE 2012 Biannual European Congress, which will be held from the 17th to the 19th of October in Dublin’s Convention Center.

- Novembre
Exhibition Science/Fiction: a journey in the heart of life in the Institute of technology Tallaght for the full month of November 2012.

- November 11th to 18th
Events associated with the Exhibition Science/Fiction: a journey in the heart of life organized during “Science Week” and “Library Ireland Week” 2012 : Launch of the Exhibition, seminars, presentations, meetings.


Published on 18/01/2016

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