Entry controls on arrival in France (Schengen area)

Holding a visa is not a sufficient condition to enter the Schengen Area.

1. If you have been granted a short-stay visa, or if you do not require a short-stay visa, on your arrival in France you must be able to show the following to the border police on request :

- your passport (with the appropriate visa if required)
- documentary evidence for the reason for your stay in France, your means of support during your stay and your resources for returning to your country of origin.
Please check details about verification upon arrival via the following link : http://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/en/coming-to-france/getting-a-visa/article/verification-upon-arrival-in

2. If you have been granted a long-stay visa, the border police will only ask to see your passport and visa sticker. They will stamp your date of entry into France. Immediately on arrival in France, you must send the OFII form to the relevant regional delegation or, if your long-stay visa specifies “carte de séjour à solliciter” (residence permit to be applied for), within 2 months of your arrival you must submit an application for a residence permit at the prefecture of your place of residence, unless you are under age (under 18).

Published on 01/04/2016

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