Erasmus+: French students in apprenticeship going green! [fr]

Nine apprentices from Centre de Formations d’Apprentis (CFA), based in Saint Lô (Normandy), aged from 16 to 21 years are in Ireland from 5th to 26th of March 2017, in Dublin.

The purpose? They are doing a field trip through the Erasmus+ Apprenticeship Programme as part of their studies. These nine students specialize in diverse fields: catering, business, sales. They are currently trained within French companies for three weeks per month. The last week is about courses.

Thanks to the European programme, Erasmus+ MOVIL APP, and region Normandy, the students receive a grant set at 1041 euros for their three-week field trip in Ireland.

Supported by the NGO Normandie-Go! in the organization of their field trip, they can do their apprenticeship within Irish companies for three weeks. Furthermore, the students have been hosted by Irish families during the whole stay in the country, which allows for a comprehensive and total immersion – Irish culture and linguistics skills. An experience abroad is always valuable and an assets to a career!

Published on 17/05/2017

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