Everybody Loves Sylvia

JPEGIt’s once upon a time in a far away place,
And Sylvia has a big choice to make.
What will it be?
The Prince or the Pauper?
Beauty or the Beast?

Join Randolf SD in their vibrant adaptation of Pierre de Marivaux’s 18th century French classic, La Double Inconstance and find out!

Everybody Loves Sylvia
by Marivaux
24 NOVEMBER - 6 DECEMBER at 8.15pm
Tickets: €18 & €14 (conc*)
Previews 20,21,22 November Tickets €14
Matinée 6 December Tickets €14

at the Project Arts Centre


BOOKING: (+353 1) 881 9613

Production Credits

Adapted, Directed and Designed by Wayne Jordan
Lighting Designed by Sinéad Wallace
Costumes Designed by Jessica Hilliard

Published on 08/12/2008

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