Excellence In Scientific & Academic Areas in France - February 2017

Labex (laboratory of excellence): Lascarbx

Lascarbx, Bordeaux Archeological Sciences is a structuring and innovative project for archaeology in France, with a specific angle on internationalisation. The lab is using innovation to preserve heritage and explores how the world was used in ancient societies.

Cluster / French Tech: BRIDGE an accelerator for culture in Avignon

Have a look at Bridge, a French accelerator aiming at creating the first European Metropole for Culture and technology.
French Tech is an initiative launched by the French government, aimed at bringing together people working for a French start-up, in France or abroad.

A French company involved in R&D: DPD

In 2000, Interlink Ireland was bought by La Poste, the French Post Office, becoming in 2008 DPD. A key innovator in the field of parcel deliviery, as its latest "in flight" delivery option shows.


The University of Côte d’Azur (UCA) has been labellised IDEX (Institute of Excellence) hence becoming UCA JEDI (Joint, Excellent and Dynamic Initiative), with 5 Academies of Excellence (Networks, information and digital society; Complex systems; Space, environment, risk and resilience; Complexity and diversity of living systems; Human societies, ideas and environments).

Published on 03/01/2020

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