Excellence In Scientific & Academic Areas in France - June 2016

How is the research landscape structured in France? Which are France’s best labs and clusters? Which are the French companies involved in R&D?
Every two months, you will find a short introduction to some French research institutions and companies... in order to help you make your way through the French landscape and find centres of excellence for future partnerships.

Labex (laboratory of excellence): Tulip

TULIP Labex promotes an interdisciplinary approach, combining biology and ecology, and focusing on the interactions between organisms within communities, in natural or human modified environments. The final goal lies in gathering these projects and fostering the emergence of new concepts and applications in environmental technologies.

A Competitiveness cluster: Lyon biopôle

LyonbiopoleSupport the emergence and developement of innovative technologies, products and services for a more personalized medicine to the patient’s benefit. Human medicine, Veterinary medicine, in vitro diagnostics and Medical devices and medical technologies are the four strategic areas.

A French company involved in R&D: Sanofi

[Sanofi->http://www.sanofi.ie/l/ie/en] is present in Ireland through the promotion of its products by the company’s own medical representatives.
The local distribution of Sanofi products is ensured by the Uniphar Group. Scientifically supported by a regional medical and marketing staff based in Dublin, Sanofi provides patients and healthcare professionals in Ireland with efficient and effective therapeutic responses to diseases in our key therapy areas.

COMUE: University Paris-Saclay

18 research participants (two universities, seven research centers, nine major engineering and business schools) decided to join forces within the Paris-Saclay Campus Foundation to create Université Paris-Saclay. to meet the challenges of global competition in terms of education, research and innovation.

Published on 03/01/2020

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