2012 - Exhibition: "from pole to pole"

From Pole to Pole - Vincent Hilaire - JPEGThis exhibition presents forty pictures conveying some of the unusual, still pure atmosphere that prevails in the areas explored during the journey of the yacht Tara.

The aim of the black and white images is to reinforce the impression of eternity in landscapes where the mad rush of time seems to have stopped.

The photographs also reflect the pristine nature devoid of all human traces, a still life without influence. The ice plays a particularly important role – which along with the fields, oceans, deserts and forests form the unity of Earth.

 Vincent Hilaire sur la banquise - JPEGVincent Hilaire, the photographer on Tara, shares his thoughts of the journey:

….amazing journey that I was able to live at both ends of our earth, in 2007 and 2011; a rare opportunity, since I could get aboard Tara, an exceptional yacht; an unique opportunity to discover the land of ice for two seasons that punctuate the life of the poles at the same time: the night north boreal and the south austral summer.

Drop in to the rear of the Convention Centre Dublin to see these stunning images.

"From Pole to Pole" by Vincent Hilaire
Number 5 (Corner Unit)
Spencer Dock
Mayor Street Upper
Dublin 1
From the 9th of July to the 19th of July
11 am -7 pm

Link for more info: www.vincenthilaire.fr

Contact: vincehilaire@wanadoo.fr



Published on 18/01/2016

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