[Family/Outdoors] Cow-go-round by Théâtre de la Toupine

An ecological theatre-carousel powered by parents.

Children climb on some very unusual cows: the plane cow, the angel cow, the bee-cow, the roller cow, the swimming cow, the turned turtle cow, the dancing cow, the skateboarding cow, the musician cow… and the tin rocket. In the meantime, parents are milking a life-size cow, giving out the power necessary to make the carousel rotate.

A fantastic family trip, driven by the sound of the mooh organ, a unique musical instrument including 19 cowbells, mooh boxes and milk tins. Everything put together inside a metallic bull frame!

Cow-Go-Round runs in two festivals over the month of June:
@ Carlow Arts Festival
Festival HQ / Sat 10 - Sun 11 June
Admission Free

@ Cork Midsummer Arts Festival
16 & 17 June (1pm - 6pm, Grand Parade)
18 June (11.30am - 4.30pm, Fitzgerald’s Park)
Admission Free

Presented in partnership with the French Embassy in Ireland

Published on 15/06/2017

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