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Johann Issartel works on the issues of perception and sensory information. We met him before Science Week.

Who are you ?

“After a PhD in Montpellier (France) within the human movement science doctoral school where I investigated the role on intention in the emergence of interpersonal coordination, I worked in Belfast (UK) and then Dublin (Ireland) where I am currently based – in Dublin City University.

My area of expertise lies in the perception and action field, investigating how controlled movements may be coupled with sensory information.”


What are you working on?

“I am investigating different aspects of the dynamical/ecological approach to perception and action from both a theoretical and methodological perspective. I am interested in understanding how this information sharing is used to control movement and how information and movement are coupled in the case of different perception modalities (hearing, touch and/or sight). Following this line, the objective of the experimental manipulation of multimodal situations is to understand the importance of each sense and the link between them for human motor interactions. This fundamental research also led to several applications with adults and children having developmental coordination disorder or impeded fine motor skills.


The second aspect of my expertise is in the area of fundamental movement skill development and measurement in young people, their link to physical activity participation, and the development of appropriate teaching skills to support the teaching/coaching of these elements.

I am the co-founder of the Y-PATH Programme (Youth-Physical Activity Towards Health), a research informed and evidence based intervention programme aiming at promoting physical activity levels of adolescents and their fundamental movement skill proficiency.”

To find out more

When ? From Monday 9th November to Friday 13th November
Where? Newpark Comprehensive School - Blackrock

Workshops is currently fully booked by Newpark

Published on 07/01/2016

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