France & Ireland working together - December 2015

What kind of collaboration exists between France & Ireland?
What is France’s presence in Ireland?
Find here some information about Franco-Irish scientific and academic cooperation and about the Embassy’s actions in Ireland.

Launch of the Franco-Irish Marine Renewable Energy Network

Last October, the Franco-Irish Marine Renewable Energy Network was launched by the Embassador: aiming at bringing together Irish and French researchers working on marine renewable energy. Click here to join the network!

Irish-French energy agreement reached in Paris

In the context of the Ireland-France roadmap the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and the French Agency for Environment and Energy Management (ADEME) signed an agreement providing for cooperation in the areas of renewable energy, and marine energy in particular, smart grids and energy efficiency.

Ulysses grant : a success-story

The collaboration between two teams of Limoges and Limerick Universities, which began through a Ulysses scheme, led to further improvements in composite materials used notably in spacecrafts... Find out more about this collaboration by reading their story here. The Ulysses grants are jointly funded by the Embassy of France and the Irish Research Council.

A cosupervision of thesis between Bordeaux and Dublin

Christelle Al-Hasrouty, PhD student from the University of Bordeaux, is currently spending time in UCD, within the framework of her cotutelle between Bordeaux and UCD. She is working on developing better teleconferencing.
She benefited from a new mobility grant of the French Embassy.

France and Ireland working together within the European framework programme

From a Ulysses scheme to the European project ECOFINDERS ... Learn more about this success-story of a Franco-Irish collaboration on greenhouse gas reduction that led to a more extensive collaboration here.

Events supported by the French Embassy

Science Week

Three French researchers took part in the 20th anniversary of Science Week in Ireland this year, with the support of the French Embassy!

French gastronomy invited to the Irish Table

The father of molecular gastronomy, Hervé This, came to Ireland for a special conference on molecular gastronomy!

The first French-Irish forum on Culinary Arts,Hospitality Management and Tourism was organised, bringing together Irish and French schools to help them collaborate.

Climate: The 360° Exhibition

With a stroll along the railings of Merrion Square South, the public was able to get a closer look at the issues raised by the increase in greenhouse gas emissions produced by human activity. This exhibition was presented ahead of COP21 and is based on scientific and journalistic approaches. "Climate : The 360° Exhibition", a free exhibition is produced by Universcience.
In parallel, some Irish Universities also broadcasted the COP21 debates.

Published on 19/01/2016

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