France & Ireland working together - June 2016

What kind of collaboration exists between France & Ireland?
What is France’s presence in Ireland?
Find here some information about Franco-Irish scientific and academic cooperation and about the Embassy’s actions in Ireland.

Promoting the FICAHT

Last April, professionnals of the Irish culinary arts and hospitality sector gathered at the Residence of France for a special event promoting the France-Ireland network for Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Tourism}. An event organised by the French Embassy with the support of the Irish Hospitality Institute.

French-Irish collaboration on Sustainable Energies

Following the agreement providing for cooperation in the areas of renewable energy, and marine energy in particular, smart grids and energy efficiency, signed by the French ADEME and the Irish SEAI, the French Embassy took part to the Energy Show held in Dublin, last April.

Ulysses grant : a success-story

TIn search of stellar spinning tops : Christian Gouiffès (CEA-Saclay) and Andy Shearer (NUI Galway) have been working for more than 15 years, searching for stellar spinning tops. The Ulysses scheme was a new means to go further in their collaboration. Read more here.
The [Ulysses grants->] are jointly funded by the Embassy of France and the Irish Research Council.

France and Ireland working together within the European framework programme

France & Ireland together against AIDS: The Franco-Irish partnership between Dr Gautier’s team (University College Dublin) and Prof. Rohr’s (University of Strasbourg), which started with a Ulysses scheme, has just obtained a H2020 funding for their research consortium against the AIDS-virus, "EU4HIVCURE".

Find out the story of Lucien Bull, Mister One Hundred Thousand Images.

Events supported by the French Embassy

Events to come

France-Ireland Research Network

The Embassy of France is building a network to bring together Irish researchers that spent time in France (visiting researchers, …). The network will be launched on the 15th June. Please do contact] if you are a researcher who spent time in France and would be interested by maintaining or developing links with France.

Ulysses 2016 Call for Projects

The Ulysses 2016 Call for Projects has been launched! See all information about the Ulysses scheme here.

What took place these last few months

In a few words

- Isabelle Gallagher, CNRS silver medal, held a seminar in UCD.
- The Dublin Gastronomy Symposium took place at the end of May, French Sylvain Tondeur and Marjorie Deleuze were speakers.
- Congratulations to French Professor Frédéric Dias (UCD), who was elected as a member of the Royal Irish Academy.
- Congratulations to Professor Grace Neville (UCC) who was awarded French Légion d’Honneur, France’s highest honour.
- France, guest of honor at the Connemara Mussel Festival.
- The French Embassy was proud to support SOFEIR’s international conference "Non-Violent Resistance"which took place in Dublin City University, 10-12 March 2016 and to support Professor Sylvie Mikowsky’s visit to Dublin, a speaker at the AFIS annual conference.
- UCD School of Law celebrated the tenth anniversary of the UCD Dual Degree in Law (UCD / University of Toulouse 1) at a reception in the French Ambassador’s residence on the 10th March.

Focus on the Month of la Francophonie

Held in March, the Month of la Francophonie is a month of events celebrating French language. Famous writer Andrei Makine and famous linguist Bernard Cerquiglini came to Dublin to discuss the role of French language today.
NUI Galway’s French society was the happy winner of the University Debating Contest, organised in the Free Masons’ lodge, in Dublin.

Published on 08/06/2016

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