France & Ireland working together - October 2016

What kind of collaborations exist between France & Ireland?
What is France’s presence in Ireland?
Find here some information about Franco-Irish scientific and academic cooperation and about the Embassy’s actions in Ireland.

The 2nd FICAHT forum in Biarritz

The 2nd FICAHT forum was organised in Biarritz (12-14 October) in the Lycée Hôtelier of Biarritz and brought together French and Irish participants. On the menu, discussions to develop training and student mobility in the sectors of Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Tourism, Erasmus+ suggestions and extra collaboration between French and Irish institutions.

Ulysses grant : a success-story

Who are the inhabitants of the Antarctic? Marc Eléaume, from the Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle, and Louise Allcock, from NUI Galway, have explored the deep seas to identify some of them. Read more here.
The [Ulysses grants>] are jointly funded by the Embassy of France and the Irish Research Council.

France and Ireland working together within the European framework programme

Rennes and Galway strengthen their collaboration.
Rennes (France) and Galway signed an agreement encouraging students’ and researchers’ mobility between both universities.

From Limerick to Clermont-Ferrand: an Erasmus story

UL Students Awarded for Erasmus Results: Rachel’s Story

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Thomas Kettle’s death, the French Embassy was proud to support the seminar organised by University College Dublin.
Find out more here

Events supported by the French Embassy

Events to come

Let’s capture Freedom of Expression!

This end of year is all about exploring freedom of expression!
The Europe House in Dublin will be hosting the exhibition "Drawing Freely" ->] from Nov. 18th to 9th Dec. (free admission). This exhibition brings together cartoons made by 50 cartoonists from all around the world, echoing the attacks on Charlie Hebdo in January 2015.
A conference exploring freedom of Speech in time of conflict in France, Germany and Ireland will be held in the National Library of Ireland on Nov.25th and 26th (admission:20€-70€) (event part of the Franco-Irish History Society).
Special events will be held in parallel: stay tuned!
These events are organised within the frame of the French-German Cultural Fund 2016.

Science Week 2016: let’s shake up stereotypes!

Do you find that researchers and scientists are usually pictured as men, in their fifties, with white messy hair and wearing lab coats? Drop by Muriel Grenon’s "Arty Scientist" workshop on Sunday 27th November, in NUI Galway... you will be mistaken!
This project has received funding from the French Embassy and the Galway Science and Technology Festival.

A conference on fintech in Dublin

On the occasion of ICIS conference in Dublin (11th-14th December), Irish and French specialists will be meeting beforehand to prepare the conference.

What took place these last few months

In a few words: a busy couple of months!

- A seminar on Tom Kettle as a proper tribute to this great man who died in France in 1916.
- Limerick: a strong and dynamic partner to France. A day to showcase partnerships, to promote Erasmus and to have KBS and Kedge Irish and French business schools sign an agreement implementing a new dual degree.
- Cork: the annual ADEFFI conference took place in UCC on Oct. 14-16th. This year’s theme was "obéissance"
- First conference of the newly launched international collaboration EU4HIVCURE to fight AIDS.
- "Paris, Capital of Irish Culture?" A set of double conference exploring the longer-term influence of Paris on Ireland’s political and cultural thought.

Published on 03/01/2020

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