France and Ireland team up for research [fr]

During his visit in Dublin, Prime minister Manuel Valls witnessed the signing of a partnership between two French and Irish research centres promoting the business training of PhD students

PhD Researchers in Business

Ireland and France have put in place an original initiative with the intention of training PhD Researchers in business. These young Researchers play a key role in the encouragement and development of innovation in business. They have a skill set that combines knowledge in the domain of university research, as well as being equipped with good business acumen.

These aspiring researchers can share their wealth of knowledge and can act as a veritable interface, interchanging business acumen and technical knowledge, which allows all businesses from SME level to big Corporations, to acquire a know-how with the ultimate aim of forming a framework for research and development.

Enda Kenny and Manuel Valls witnessing the signing of the agreement - JPEG

Two similar finance programs in France and Ireland

Ireland has in place an Employment Based Postgraduate Program (EBPP) and an Enterprise Partnership Scheme which allows a business to recruit a doctorate student for a period of 3 or 4 years. The Irish Research Council (IRC) contributes 24 K€ per annum and the business in question contributes 8 K€ per annum. This stipend is to cover the funding for the doctorate student, university registration fees, and the operation of the project’s research.

France has in place the Convention for Industrial Training by Research Program (CIFRE) which allows a business to host a doctorate student for 3 years. The Association for National Research and Technology (ANRT) contributes 14 K€ per annum and the business must pay a basic minimum salary of 23 K€.
The two programs while similar to each other are not fully compatible in particular with regard to the question of the duration of the thesis and the eligibility of the business.


A partnership where two agencies merge to support Franco-Irish projects

Candidate projects may however be interested by the two packages in place; for example those French businesses that have a subsidiary based in Ireland. In this case the business must be able to guide the program’s recipient to make the choice best adapted to his/her needs, particularly in terms of the partner university and the location where the doctorate student will carry out his/her work.

The partnership between the ANRT and the IRC was formalised on 24 April 2014, with a Letter of Intention signed by the French and Irish Prime Ministers, after a working meeting at the Irish Research Council. The partnership has for a goal the facilitating, exchanging and sharing of information between the two agencies so as to guide and orient business candidates in the necessary processes within the two countries. It proposes to make each institution aware of the possibilities on offer in both countries and to set the wheels in motion for the attainment of co-funding from the “Cofund Marie Curie » (Horizon 2020).


A seminar organised by the Embassy of France in Ireland will be organised shortly in order for the ANRT and the IRC to implement this initiative.

Published on 21/06/2016

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