France condemns Lebanon and Iraq attacks

Press briefing by the Foreign Ministry Deputy Spokesman

Paris, 27 December 2013


Q. – Rocket fire against the People’s Mojahedin of Iran’s Camp Liberty [Camp Hurriya], near Baghdad airport, killed three people and injured about 50 on Thursday evening. What is your reaction?

SPOKESMAN – France condemns the attacks around Baghdad airport on 26 December. It calls on the Iraqi government to take the necessary measures to guarantee the security of Camp Hurriya and Camp Ashraf.

We reiterate our full support for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) in their efforts to implement a peaceful, lasting solution to the situation in the refugee camps in Iraq.


Q. – Several people, including a close adviser to Saad al-Hariri, were killed on Friday in an attack in Beirut. What is your reaction? Is Mr Al-Hariri currently in France?

SPOKESMAN – We refer you to the statement made this morning by the French Presidency:

“The President condemns the cowardly attack perpetrated this morning in Beirut city centre, which caused many casualties and claimed the life of former minister Mohamad Chatah.

“The President spoke on the telephone to President Suleiman, to whom he reiterated his full support in protecting Lebanon’s stability and security.

“He calls on all parties to work to protect the country’s unity.”

As regards Mr Al-Hariri, we would ask you to address him directly./.
Press briefing by the Foreign Ministry Deputy Spokesman (excerpts)

Paris, 26 December 2013


Q. – Syria has just signed (yesterday, Wednesday 25 December) a 25-year agreement with a Russian company for oil and gas prospection in Syrian territorial waters. What’s your reaction? Does France – which has recognized the Syrian opposition coalition as the “sole representative of the Syrian people” – regard this agreement as legal under international law? Is the agreement in line with the sanctions principles advocated by France and the European Union?

SPOKESMAN – There are European sanctions, which don’t apply to relations between Russia and the Syrian regime.

Our priority is the search for a political solution addressing the Syrian people’s legitimate aspirations.

Pressure is necessary to ensure the regime stops bombarding civilians, particularly in Aleppo, and allows humanitarian access to provide help to the population, as the Security Council has been demanding since 2 October. (…)


Q. – What is your reaction following the Egyptian government’s decision to put the Muslim Brotherhood party on its list of terrorist groups? Have there been any contacts, and has any advice been given to the Egyptian authorities? Yesterday the Egyptian government officially declared the Muslim Brotherhood to be “a terrorist organization”, the day after a suicide car bomb attack that claimed 15 lives in the north of the country. What is your reaction? A bus was also targeted by a bomb in Cairo this morning.

SPOKESMAN – France’s position on terrorism is clear and steadfast: we condemn it in all its forms. In this regard, we remind you of our statement of 24 December.

In the period Egypt is currently experiencing, it’s important for all political parties and tendencies to take part in the transition process, with due regard for pluralism, freedom of expression, human rights and respect for all the communities, in line with the commitments made by the authorities. All political organizations must be able to take part in this, provided they renounce violence and respect democratic principles.

France reaffirms its full support for the transition process under way in Egypt in order for elected, democratic institutions to be established in the country according to the timetable announced. (...)./.

Published on 30/12/2013

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