France is bidding to host the Worldskills Competition 2023 in Lyon! [fr]

The President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron announced on March 14, 2018 that France would bid to host WorldSkills Competition 2023: “We will bid to host WorldSkills Competition 2023 and France will be the showcase of skills excellence and engagement, as displayed daily by Youth.”


Lyon, the beating heart of French lifestyle and know-how

Lyon is committed to making skills shine again in 2023.

As a global city and a European Hub for companies, students, workers and visitors alike, Lyon offers an outstanding backdrop to host the WorldSkills Competition in 2023 thanks to the city’s unique cultural and architectural heritage, iconic sites and high standard venues.
With a historic hosting tradition and located at the heart of Europe, Lyon embodies WorldSkills’ core values of openness and diversity, and provides an international stage for competitors and members advocating for professional training and skills excellence. We look forward to putting together our art de vivre (lifestyle) and art de faire (know-how) in order to build together a unique competition for everyone and shape WSC Lyon 2023’s legacy as the advent of a new generation that will inspire young workers worldwide.

Lyon, a welcoming land for major international events

The National Finals, a glowing Lyon 1995 legacy.

The first WSC hosted in France in Lyon gave birth to a WorldSkills National event. Today, with more than 650 competitors and up to 57 skills showcased during 4 days every two years, the National Finals are a major moment to renew the image of skills among the French Youth. In order to prepare the 2023 WSC, Lyon will welcome back-to-back the 2020 and 2022 National Finals. These high points will also give a chance to welcome competitors from other countries. During last year’s National Finals, 15 members from all around the world were represented.

Lyon 2023, a seamless experience before, during and after the competition

EUREXPO, a tried and tested site

With more than 140,000 square meters of indoor exhibition area on a single floor, Lyon’s EUREXPO is a perfectly-suited venue to host the WorldSkills Competition. Located halfway between LYS international airport (15 minutes) and Lyon city center (20 minutes), the site run by GL Events welcomes each year over 50 major international exhibitions including the Bocuse d’Or (210,000 visitors) and Global Industrie. EUREXPO offers a sustainable size site to welcome all Competitors, Experts and Coaches, Delegates, Parents, Sponsors and Partners, and Visitors, with more than 13,000 car parking spots and 1,000 coach parking bays.

Live and experience the competition to the fullest thanks to the competitors village

The Competitors Village in Lyon will make them feel completely at home, allowing them to focus on their performance. INSA Lyon, a leading European school of engineering and scientific research center, will provide 2,000 beds across 11 freshly refurbished residences. Located only 20 minutes away from EUREXPO, INSA will allow all teams to enjoy high-performance sports training facilities: swimming-pool, football and rugby pitches, tennis courts, athletics tracks, gyms. A true WorldSkills-dedicated campus!

A French WSC 2023 bid: a force to be reckoned with

France, a proactive member of the WorldSkills movement in the past, present and future.

Engaged with various committees and working groups, France is committed to making our WS Movement vibrant by being a driving force to foster more transfer of knowledge and cooperation between members. WorldSkills France is proud to have united all WS Members and the brave Youth of the entire world with music, providing the Movement with an official anthem.

France committed to bringing skills to light

The French Government has engaged in a major VET system reform that will deliver tangible results by 2023. With vocational education at the heart of the French public agenda, WSC Lyon 2023 is proud to benefit from the commitment of the highest local and national authorities, thus ensuring the engagement of key public and private stakeholders before and during the competition. Organising the 2023 WorldSkills Competition in Lyon is a unique opportunity to raise public awareness and enthusiasm, inspire a whole new generation, and reveal the importance of skills to all.

Published on 24/07/2019

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