France must be your Main destination country : Is the French embassy the correct place to apply for my visa?

Visa applications must be submitted to the Embassy corresponding to the main destination country

Only GNIB card holders (valid Irish residency permit) are entitled to apply for a Schengen visa at the embassy of France in Ireland.

If you only plan one trip

Main destination:

Is considered as main destination, the country where you will spend the longest period throughout your first trip, it does not depend on the first port of entry. Number of days and nights are taken into consideration.

For example : During one trip you plan to visit Belgium (3days), France (6days) and Italy (4days). France is considered as your main destination and you must apply for a visa at the French embassy.

In case of multiple main destinations

In case it is not possible to determine only one main destination, you will have to apply for a visa at the embassy corresponding to the country you will first enter among your main destinations.

For example : During one single trip you plan to travel to Germany (3days/2nights), Spain (5days/4nights), France (5days/4nights). As you plan to spend the same number of days and nights in both Spain and France, you must apply at the Spanish embassy (first entry among the 2 main destinations).

If you plan more than one single trip

In case of multiple trips

In case you plan more than a single trip, you must apply for your visa at the embassy corresponding to the main destination of your first trip. You are entitled to apply for a visa covering several trips if you provide details of your next trips (flights bookings, hotel bookings, travel plan...)

Published on 03/10/2016

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