France show jumping into the final at the Dublin Horse Show

Last week, the French show jumping team took part in the equestrian competitions organized at the Royal Dublin Society.

Nations Cup

Last Friday, the French show jumping team took part in the last stage of the show jumping competition (CSIO 5*) organized for the 12th Nations Cup.

The French team was composed of Timothée Anciaume jumping on Padock du Plessis*Hn, Cédric Angot on Rubis de Preuilly, Frédéric David on Equador Van’T Roosakker and Jérôme Hurel competing with Quartz Rouge.

The Nations Cup gathers the best world horse riders in a team competition. France competes in the first European Division. Arrived first twice in the former competitions at La Baule and Rooterdam, France will again compete in the final step next 9-12 October in Barcelona. The stakes are high to keep its title during the final of the 12th edition of the Nations Cup.

Ireland Longines Grand Prix

The riders also took part in the Longines International Grand Prix.

Timothée Anciaume, riding Padock du Plessis*HN-JO/JEM property of France Haras and Jérôme Hurel on Quartz-Rouge-JO/JEM, owned by Mrs Smaga Oberlin arrived third ex-aequo in the Longines Ireland Grand Prix after two perfect performances. The Grand Prix was won by the young Bertram Allen, 19.

Frédéric David came 12th in the Grand Prix jumping on Equador Van’T Roosakker.

Individual competitions

The French team had the whole week to prepare for these competitions during the Dublin Horse Show.

Among the various prix and competitions in which the French took part, it is worth mentioning the no-fault performance of Timothée Anciaume who finished 5th with Paddock du Plessis*HN on Wednesday during the Irish Sport Council followed by Frédéric David, 12th on Equador Van’T Roosakker.

Roger Yves-Bost, European champion for the individual show jumping competition finished 9th of the Speed Derby with Castle Forbes Vivaldo Vh Costersveld. In the meantime, Timothée Anciaume arrived 10th during the Anglesea Stakes.

Jérôme Hurel was not short of a great performance during the International 7 & 8 (second round) in which he finished 3rd with Silene Belmaniere. Arrived 7th during the Accumulator on Qualipso des Bois, he teamed again with Qualipso to finish 6th of the speed championship on Sunday.

Two weeks ahead of the World Equestrian Games in Normandy, we wish them the best of luck for the remainder of the competition !

The French Ambassador greeted the French team at a reception to launch Ireland's participation to the World Equestrian Games last week - JPEG

publié le 15/08/2014

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